Brazilian borned, Portuguese lover  and based in Lisbon since 1997 , Gabrielle Corrêa started working with International Productions on 1999, setting- up her production company  in  2004.

Gaby Corrêa Productions provides full production services for Photo & Film  all over Portugal , Madeira & Azores Islands.

" Portugal is a great country with a large diversity of locations in a short distance , the weather is beautiful, the light is cinematographic and the people is very friendly.

Lisbon and Porto turned theirselves into trendy European cities.

We have excellent and multi-lingual professional crew  and all the ingredients to  make Portugal the perfect locations for Productions.


In this business every detail matters and it is not only about doing  Productions but also creating  Experiences.

We are always finding excuses to produce in other special destinations :

to keep the samba in the blood , productions in Brazil.

to keep a happy soul under a coconut tree, productions in Bali". G.C.


tel. +351 91 7039737


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